Thursday, 22 September 2016

[wanabidii] Re: [TPN] 5th February 2017

Thank you for sharing Mr. Kassala. Much as I appreciate this reminder of our 'ideal dream" I will not celebrate 50 years of a declaration that was not allowed to live to that age. I also never believed in the many idealistic theories proposed in the declaration although I must confess there were some good ideas which could have propelled our nation to greater heights had most of them been implemented. This was not possible because of many factors but principal among these include lack of realism in most of the principles spelt there-in. These include: having a democratic socialist state. Even North Korea can claim to be a democratic socialist state. The two are contradictory and more so when the socialist state goes on to proclaim a one party state. You cannot expect all the people in a given country to subscribe to a single ideology or way of doing things. These and many other contradictions which were inherent in our socialist state contributed to the death of socialism in Tanzania. Of course there are many other reasons like hypocrisy of our leaders, corruption / dishonesty and its tolerance by the leadership plus many other vices. 
Ask any of the old cadres who were obedient believers and practised socialism where they are at present and their frustrations when they compare with those who "took theirs early". 

So on February 5th 2017 I will sweep the street near my residence. But colleagues might wish to differ. 


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Dear All!

On Sunday 5th February 2017 will be the 50th Anniversary of the Arusha Declaration. I invite you to begin an intellectual pilgrimage towards that day!

On your pilgrimage, kindly read and read and read the Arusha Declaration herwith attached.

The Best of luck in your intellectual pilgrimage!


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