Friday, 30 September 2016

[wanabidii] Legal advice needed!!

An unemployed young girl (23yrs) dated a foreigner and became pregnant. The man accepted the pregnancy alright but failed to support the lady. No financial assistance, no telephone call, no visit, etc.
When the lady was in labour, she called the man and told him which hospital she was going. The man came to the hospital later to see his child but did not give any financial support.  He   then vanished.   Meanwhile he was aware that the house rent of the girl( which she had paid by herself) had expired and she could not afford to pay for another room, especially when she has just been delivered of a baby. The man ignored. He was always giving promises without fulfilling them.
 Some good Samaritans decided to accommodate the girl and her baby boy when they were discharged from the hospital. These good Samaritans have been taking care of the mother and child since they were at the Hospital. The child is six months now and the man has neither paid a single visit to see how and where the child and the mother are nor sent any financial support.
The young lady does not want to continue the relationship with the man and is even contemplating changing the name of the child that was given by the man. What if the man appears one day (when all the difficulties are gone and the child is in his teens) to come to take his child?
What is the legal implications and what can be done?  


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