Sunday, 18 September 2016

[wanabidii] Agonies Of The Damned, FIRES OF HELL, Released Upon Mankind

Prophetic Word Given Sept. 13, 2016
I speak unto thee and I say that it is my time, I say that it is my time. I say that it is the time that I the Living God will be releasing upon the sons of men, the agonies of the damned. I say that I will be releasing upon them, fire that they cannot see nor can they stop. But I say they will feel that fire. I say that fire will burn them as the fires of Hell shall burn them. I say that I am doing it because they have stubbornly and proudly refused to repent, they have scoffed and mocked the very call to repent, they have made light of my mercies, they have literally hated what it is that I have offered unto them which is forgiveness mercy. I say that it is my time and I the Living God will release upon them the agonies of the damned and the very fires of Hell itself. I say that it is me who shall do that and I say they shall live their days and their nights in the torment of the same, and I say there is none that can release them. I say they will seek for relief, they will seek for release, but they shall not be able to find the same. I say there is no doctor that can cut it off, there is no great surgeon that can extract if from within, there is none that can medicate them out of what it is that I shall do. I say that it is me the Living God who will bring it to pass and I say that you will even hear testimonies of the same. I say that it is the move of my Spirit, I say that it is divine outpouring, and I say that it shall come of me. Thank me and praise me, thank me and praise me for my wrath revealed. I say to a stubborn, a proud, a defiant, a hateful generation so do I pour forth in my wrath, and in my fury, and in my indignation. I say thank me and praise me.

(Take Heed and REPENT Before it's Too Late or You Will Suffer Under the WRATHFUL Fire of God!)


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