Thursday, 15 September 2016

[wanabidii] Re: [TPN] World Risk Report 2016

For us in Africa, infrastructure can be quite a great risk because of the following factors which are embedded in our culture:

a) Constructing infrastructure traditionally, e.g. by using trees or unsuitable log-wood, thatching grass, non-standard burnt bricks, non-designed landscaping especially in hilly or valley areas, etc.

b) Believing in metaphysical forces to take care of our physical security.

c) Non-scientific land surface management.

d) Shortsightedness in preventive maintenance because of believing in nature taking care of itself.

e) Absence of critical thinking culture in terms of being inquisitive and following up infrastructural disasters when they occur.

f) Lack of foresight in terms of planning in order to avert potential risks associated with infrastructure.


On Wednesday, 14 September 2016, 19:22, Yona Maro <> wrote:

The World Risk Report 2016 analyses the role that infrastructure plays in shaping a country's disaster risk. The World Risk Index, calculated by the University of Stuttgart, is an integral part of the report as it ranks 171 countries according to their risk of becoming a victim of a disaster as a result of natural hazards such as floods, cyclones, or earthquakes.
In fact, the World Risk Index intends to give answers to the following questions:
• How likely is an extreme natural event, and will it affect people?
• How vulnerable are people to natural hazards?
• To what extent can societies cope with acute disasters?
• Is a society taking preventive measures to face natural hazards to be reckoned with in the future?
In addition, this report focusing on logistics and infrastructure, discusses the following topics:
• infrastructure as a risk factor;
• opportunities and limits of information technologies in humanitarian logistics;
• coordination and conflicts of interests in humanitarian logistics.

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