Wednesday, 5 October 2016

[wanabidii] Malaria impact of large dams in sub-Saharan Africa: maps, estimates and predictions

While there is growing recognition of the malaria impacts of large dams in sub-Saharan Africa, the cumulative malaria impact of reservoirs associated with current and future dam developments has not been quantified. The objective of this study was to estimate the current and predict the future impact of large dams on malaria in different eco-epidemiological settings across sub-Saharan Africa.

Environmental modification such as dam construction has long been recognized to enhance malaria transmission, a disease that globally claims an estimated 627,000 lives each year, 90 % of which are in SSA. In Africa, increased malaria incidence following dam construction has been reported around the Bamendjin Dam in Cameroon, the Kamburu Dam in Kenya, the Koka reservoir in central Ethiopia, the Gilgel Gibe Dam in southwest Ethiopia, the Manyuchi Dam in Zimbabwe, and the Akosombo Dam in Ghana.


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