Tuesday, 1 November 2016


The Old Testament Jezebel, Queen Jezebel of Israel, persuaded her husband (Ahab) to allow her to usurp authority in the Kingdom. By doing this Ahab sold himself into her idolatry/whoredoms (see 1 Kings 21:4-10, 20, 25). II Kings 9:22 calls Jezebel a fornicator and worker of witchcraft. She was also a cold-blooded murderess (see 1 Kings 21:6-14).
This Jezebel "spirit" / "demon" rules America (and many other nations of this world). Her agendas of DEATH are many, mainly abortion, GLBTQ abominations, and endless wars. She also HATES the rule of God, HATES Christianity and Christians. This "spirit: has literally usurped God's authority over this nation, using abysmally sick psychopaths in Church, State, and Family. We now have reptillians called pastors and political leaders that are CONTROLLED by this politically correct witch that connives and manipulates in order to influence the thoughts and actions of this nation. We might call it charming, but behind it all is a nest of demons bent on destruction of America. Along with this is the never-ending emasculation of the males and the masculinization of the females=demonization of the society. And along with all the work of Jezebel, we have her merchants, prescribing drugs. . . .millions now are on DRUGS. This is nothing but SORCERY (The Greek word translated as "sorcery" is Pharmakeus -the root of the English pharmacy & pharmacist. See Rev. 18:23).
The WAR against the WHORE is NOW! The spirit of death hovers over America like a thick fog. It is time to BIND her influence, her dominance and loose the Elijah and Jehu anointing. This is God's war! It is time to challenge her satanic authority. Fear and apprehension have kept this nation dumbed and numbed.
The Jezebel "spirit" is not limited to females, although they are the most susceptible to it: men are used as well. Religion and politics are literally controlled and used by this wicked spirit.
WE OFFER. . . .
The Holy Spirit has been giving us Prophetic Words daily concerning Jezebel . . . that raises HELL!! You may go to our cites where we post these Words of the Spirit: www.youtube.com/user/shimrana & www.youtube.com/user/youdontwanttruth2.
Also, you can write for our latest WOS magazine that contains many Words already in print, plus our DIPTYCH magazine (which will be printed in the near future) which contains much historical/Biblical data on the Jezebel spirit, the Elijah/Jehu anointing etc. . . all for your much needed info. I also show that the Jezebel in Rev. 2:20-23 (please read this passage in the Amplified Bible) was the same "spirit" as the O.T. Jezebel. This spirit now RULES America through idolatry, adultery, sex perversions, and drugs (prescribed by your "trusted" M.D. sorcerer/pharmacist).
The sickos behind the N.W.O. (new world odor!) have one agenda in mind: CONTROL and DEATH. They demand worship and adoration, the very things every Christian ought to be giving to God our Creator.
The whole world is under attack by this Witch-Bitch. Refuse her with all your might. Since the Church has been gutted out and emasculated, susceptibility to spiritual attacks is at an all-time high. The DEMONIC INVASION is well under way; God's "War Against the WHORE" is also well under way. The solution to the Jezebelian pollution is bloody revolution—the blood of Jesus cleanses us of all sins. Repent and be clean. Join God's Elijah/Jehu company of warriors. Write us for a free ammo pack of printed materials along with CDs and DVDs. It's time to be FREE from inordinate affections/relations. If your Church is associated in any way with what I have described—GET OUT! This same "spirit" is also found in the GREAT HARLOT(Rev. 17. Read that chapter in the Amplified Bible as well.)
The Babylonian Jesus has replaced the Biblical Jesus. The CRY is to "come out from her my people, so that you may not share in her sins, neither partake of her plagues." (Rev.18:14).
Political Babylon/Religious Babylon are both ruled by Satan through Queen Jezebel. It is time, dear one, to REBEL against HELL and be FREE!
Write and request our many "Thus Saith the Lord" (now "Thus Saith the Lord / Bread for the Nations") booklets dealing with the JUDGMENTS OF GOD. CONTACT US HERE!


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