Friday, 18 November 2016

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This is to inform the general public Male or Female who are healthy and 100% serious in buying or selling kidney should urgently contact

SPECIALIST NEPHROLOGIST TRANSPLANT HOSPITAL. As we have a lot of patients who are here for kidney transplant, Are you seeking for an opportunity to sell your kidney

for money due to financial break down and we shall offer you $500,000.00 USD for your Kidney. My name is Doctor Max Newton
i,i am a Nephrology in India Surgical Hospital. Our hospital is specialized in Kidney Surgery/transplant and other organ treatment, we also

deal with buying and transplantation of kidneys with a living and healthy donor.We are located in India. If you are interested in buying or selling kidney please don't

hesitate to contact us via :
Phone :+917676505791
Please Note: Internet there are a lot of people with different motive, So Please be sincere and truthful we are not kid, this is about saving lives of

others.Fraudulent is not accepted please.
Best Regards.

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